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F4 1S 12A AIO Brushless FC V3, the FIRST flight controller designed specifically for HD VTX. This powerful controller features an STM32F405/AT32F435 chip for high-performance calculations and a 5V 3A BEC solution for the HD VTX. It weighs only 4.2 grams and includes a Serial ELRS 2.4G receiver, 16MB Black Box, Barometer, and Current meter. Designed for HD VTX, it removes the OSD chip AT7456E and also added support for external GPS through Betaflight 4.4.0.


Bullet Point

  • F4 1S 12A AIO Brushless FC V3 is specially designed for HD VTX, the MCU with stronger performance and computing power, and the new BEC solution with 5V 3A output supports HD VTX power supply.
  • Integrate Serial ELRS 2.4G receiver, 16M black box, barometer, current meter, reserve 2 complete serial ports, and 1 standard SBUS. It is compatible with various devices such as GPS, HD VTX, and external receivers, which reduces the overall weight and complexity of the build.
  • With a lighter weight of 4.2g, it improves flight performance and agility.
  • There are 2 main control MCUs available: the STM32F405 and the AT32F435. The AT32F435 has a stronger performance, with a COREMARK score that is even comparable to that of the STM32F722.


Specification of FC

  • Six-Axis: ICM42688P (SPI connection)
  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6 (168MHz) / AT32F435RGT7 (288MHz)
  • Firmware version: Betaflight_4.4.1_BETAFPVF405 (STM32F405) / ATBetaflight_4.3.2_BETAFPVF435_RC3 (AT32F435)
  • Receiver: Serial ELRS 2.4G Receiver
  • Receiver firmware version: BETAFPV AIO 2400 RX ELRS V2.5.2
  • Antenna: Enameled wire
  • Blackbox Memory: 16MB
  • Sensor: Barometer (BMP280), Voltage&Current
  • Mounting Hole Size: 26mm x 26mm (suitable for whoop pattern mounting hole)
  • BEC*: 5V 2A@4V supply, 5V 3A@8V supply
  • USB Port: SH1.0 4-Pin
  • Built-in ESC with 12A continuous and peak 25A current
  • ESC input voltage: 1-2S
  • ESC firmware: C_X_70_48_V0.19.2.hex for BB51 Bluejay hardware
  • Signal support: D-shot300, D-shot600
  • Weight: 4.23g (without motor connectors) / 4.68g (with motor connectors), excluding power cable

Beta FPV F4 1S 12A AIO FC V3 Serial ELRS 2.4G V3STM32F405

SKU: 01040014_1
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