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The BEST way to transport your FPV gear. Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack

The most beloved FPV backpack of any professional pilot.

The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Backpack PRO easily carries 4 race quadcopters and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitter, lipo's, tools and more. It features Torvol’s PITSTOP area, The Torvol smart zipper transforms the backpack into a portable workspace to adjust and modify your quads quickly and effortless.

This quadcopter backpack includes multiple organizer pockets that provide ample space for smaller FPV gear and personal belongings, while larger items like a tripod and a foldable chair can be strapped to the outside.

The dedicated laptop pocket on the back holds a 15-inch laptop and a charger. An expandable rain cover, thick back padding and a hip and sternum strap ensure comfort and convenience while traveling to your race. Torvol’s CLEANSEAT keeps your pants neat on any outdoor space.

Let's start with what this thing can hold... cause it's a lot!

The Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack Pro is advertised to fit 4 drones, a transmitter, goggles, 40 props, 15 batteries, tools, and other accessories. It has adjustable dividers, so you can make anything fit even if it is uniquely shaped. It is also good to note that these dividers and the padding inside the backpack do a great job of keeping your gear safe and undamaged.

But is it comfortable?

I am used to carrying my drones in my old heli bags - similar to a duffle bag with padded compartments. Like most bags, they were awkward to carry. This Torvol Pro backpack can get quite heavy when you have all of your gear in it, however it's still comfortable enough to be carried for a couple hours while hiking in the back country to get the best video. There is quite a bit of padding on both the straps and the back of the backpack so it feels quite soft and does not pull on your shoulders or back. There is also a chest strap and a hip strap to make it even more comfortable and hands-free if you are hiking or doing activities. The waterproof cover has also proven to come in handy.

My Conclusion

Obviously I am writing this review because I love this backpack. Two unique features include a hard rubber bottom to prevent damage when you set it down and a hard case with magnetic bottom to keep all your screws handy. There's also strong form adjustable dividers that have strong Velcro. The dividers also have pockets on the sides to store little gadgets, props, tools, etc. The backpack gets the pitstop name from the inner part of the backpack which folds out when unzipped. This is a great place to fix up drones or even use as a built-in landing pad. Under the pitstop area, there is a cloth part that folds out into a large mat, which provides even more area to work on, sit on or put things on. There is also a top pouch to keep quick-access items, like a prop tool, as you do not have to open the whole backpack for access and some side pockets on the backpack where you can put a tripod, props, tools, etc.

I have definitely fallen hard for this backpack, and take it every time I go flying!

We try to keep a few on hand, so purchase yours today!

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