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Product descriptionThe M9 is a multifunctional tool that integratesfunctions such as a balance charger anddischarger, asignal measuring device, and a signal source.

 Charges, discharges and balances (whereapplicable) LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Lion, LTO1-8S, NiMh1-20S, PB 1-10S batteries.

 Charge current:MAX 20A @MAX600W.

 Discharge current:Recycle / External mode Max 20A@600W. Internal mode Max 3A @20W.

 Lithium battery cut-off voltage canbeadjustedatwill (TVC function).

 Measures battery voltage, battery internal resistance, and balances lithiumpacks automatically.

 Measures / outputs PWM/PPM/SBUSstandardsignals with an accuracy of 1 microsecond.

 Constant current and constant voltagesourceoutput, customizable 1-35V constant voltage, 0.5-20A constant current.

 Can be adapted for charging consumer-gradedrone batteries.

 Multi-language user interface.

 Multi-language voice broadcast, withcustomizablevoice packs.  TYPE-C+TYPE-A dual fast chargingUSBoutput, upto 65W.

 Pivoting display from0-85 degrees for optimal viewing angles.

 Easily upgradable via USB.


Customizable voice alerts and welcome screen0-85 degree screen angles for easy viewingInput Voltage:7-35V@MAX 25ABattery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Li-ion@1-8SNiMh @1-20S Pb @1-12SCharge Power: 0.1-20A@600WDischarge Power:0 .1-20A@600W External0.1-3A@20W NormalUSB charge: 5-20V MAX 65W@TYPE-C TYPE-AMeasure/Output :PWM/PPM/SBUSVoltage1 .0V-5.0V @8SInternal resistance1 -100mR @8SESC0 .1A-25A @MAX 600WPower supply0 .11-25A@1-30V Mode:CC+CVGeneral TF Card 128Mb-16GbProduct size 110*70*39mmProduct weight 240gPackage size 135*81*44 mmPackage weight 330gLCDI PS 2.4”320*240 pixel

ToolkitRC M9 Multifuction Charger

SKU: HP110-0019
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