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GEP-TKP16 Frame is designed by GEPRC team,It is very light and compact,The weight of frame just only 10g,It is very suitable for indoor flight,The overall enclosure structure design is used to enclose propellers,The Fantastic enclosure structure not only providing security to people But also Reducing the risk of crash,The powerful flight with sense of stable control allows pilots get wonderful experience


GEP-TKP16 Frame Product specifications:

  • Brand:GEPRC
  • Item:GEP-TKP16 Frame
  • Motor to Motor:79mm
  • Camera Size:14~19mm
  • Propeller Size: Gemfan 1635 1.6inch
  • The Hole size of FC :25.5mmx25.5mm
  • The Hole size of Motors:9mm (suit for1102,1103 etc)
  • Weight:10g


GEP-TKP16 Frame include:

  • 2 x Canopy White
  • 1 x Bottom plate Black
  • 8 x (M1.4*5)Round head screws black
  • 5 x (M2)Shock circular pad black
  • 2 x (M2*4)Shock circular pad black
  • 2 x (M2*18)Nylon crosshead nut
  • 4 x (M1.4*10)Countersunk crosshead screws black
  • 4 x (M2)Nylon Screws black
  • 2 x (M2*5)YFS screws black
  • 16 x (M2*4)Stainless steel Round head screws
  • 4 x (1.4*5)crosshead nut
  • 1 x (14mmx19mm)Mount of camera white


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