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V2 Features:
High-end T700 carbon fiber
Tight structure design minimizes resonance
The new CNC aluminum camera plates effectively protect the camera
The silicone shock-absorbers for the O3 AU eliminate jello
Integrated XT60 connector for safety and reliability
High-quality TPU parts
Innovative anti-slip battery pads
New motor wire protection tubes
Compatible with both 19/20mm cameras
Equipped with all accessories needed for analog and HD builds
12.9-grade strength hardware with Loctite threadlocker pre-applied
High electronics compatibility

V1 to V2 notable differences:
The frame is now significantly lighter.
The new CNC side plate is lighter and perfectly fits the DJI O3 AU camera.
The new battery anti-slip pad is more “sticky” and has better adhesion.
Added keystone to even further reduce arm vibration.
Added bottom screw gasket.
Added motor wire protection tubes.
The four middle screws on the top plate are now countersunk and sit flush, to eliminate possible battery damage during crashes.
The new TPU arm protectors are now lighter and allow for easier disassembly.
All models now come with two types of TPU antenna mount (with or without GPS mount).
The thickness of the bottom and middle plates has been adjusted to 2.5mm.
The connection structure between the arm and the clamp plate is slightly adjusted to distribute stress better.
XT60 plug cutout on the top plate is now symmetrical, allowing installation of the XT60 in both orientations.

VD6 Specifications:
Arm Thickness: 6mm
Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
Middle plate thickness: 2.5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2.5mm
Keystone thickness:5mm
Side plate thickness:2mm
CNC Side plate thickness:5mm
Propeller size: 6~6.1 inch
Material: T700 carbon plate
FPV cam spacing: 19mm/20mm
Weight: 200g(with TPU parts)
Colour: Black/Tropical Mix (Optional)
Total Dimensions:259mm*109mm Wheelbase:260mm
Stack mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/30.5mm*30.5mm(M3)
VTX mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5mm(M2)

Volador II VD6 O3 Deadcat FPV T700 Frame Kit

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