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Product description

The M4 Pocket is a ultra-compact balance charger; despite the small size, the M4 pocket has amaximumoutput of 80W!

Featuring an intuitive user interfaceanda color IPS full viewing angle display, the M4Pocketisacapable, bring-anywhere charger!

 Charge and balance management of LiPo, LiHV,LiFe & Lion 1-4S batteries.

 Voltage input DC 7.0-25.0V.

 Charging current: Maximum5.0A@MAX80W.

 User-defined Lithiumbattery cut-off voltage(TVCfunction).

 Battery voltage can be manually calibrated.

 Charging accuracy: <0.005V.

 Balance current: 400mA.

 1.54 inch, IPS full viewing angle display.

 High resolution 240*240 pixels


Input: XT60 5.0-25.0V MAX 5AUSB-C: 5.0-20.0V QC,PD,AFC,FCP protocolBattery type: LiPo LiHv LiFe LipoStorage 1-4SCharging power: 1.0-5.0A @ MAX 80WBalance current: 400mA @ 4.20VCharging accuracy: <0.005VDisplay: IPS IPS 1.54”240*240 pixelProduct Size: 80*40*30mmWeight: 75gPackage Size: 82mm*42mm*32mmPakeage Weight: 85g

ToolkitRC M4 Pocket Charger

SKU: HP110-0018
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