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The SMART 35 Freestyle is a small, lightweight freestyle FPV quadcopter. If you are looking for a small, freestyle capable, and faster FPV quad, SMART 35 Freestyle is your best choice.
SMART 35 Freestyle should be your first choice of 3.5-inch Freestyle Drones. Its High-efficiency power system, GEPRC 1404-3850KV motors, and EMAX 3.5*2.8*3 propellers, Combined with the latest GEP-F4-35A AIO flight control system and VISTA HD image transmission system. If equipped with a 1100mAh battery, the flight time is 13 minutes, and Even carrying the GoPro Lite camera it can fly 12 minutes.
this is a wonderful 3.5-inch Freestyle Quadcopter. It is Lightweight, Flexible, and has excellent flight performance. The GEPRC SMART 35 Freestyle Freestyle is an impressive product that delivers high-quality video and brings unrivaled Whoop Freestyle.



20.00 (cm)


8.00 (cm)


20.00 (cm)

Receiver Type:


Receiver Type:


3.5" GEPRC Smart 35 HD Polar

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